How Do We Fight?

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Written by Léo Gaumont, published on 2014-02-17.

A question was asked: As Christian men when should we fight and what does it look like, in view of the biblical reference to submit to authority?

We do not claim to have all the right answers but based on our present understanding of the scriptures, we will do our best to bring a little clarity to your queries.

Bible Reference: 2 Cor. 5:20

Last week I attempted to answer the “when” of this question, a hard thing to do in a small space! This week I will address how the fight should look.

Truthful, confident, polite, engaging, sincere, irrefutable, positive, considerate, tactful, etc. Get the picture? We must, above all, be good ambassadors for Christ. The New Testament is full of examples of good ambassadorship that we would do well to study before engaging in any debate. Greg Koukl of, teaches us that to be good ambassadors we must have an accurately informed mind, an artful method and an attractive manner. A victory gained otherwise will be hollow and short lived, while one gained by demonstrating a Godly wisdom, method and manner will have more lasting repercussions. I trust you also believe that truth is the final winner. We should, therefore, not anticipate instant victory when advancing the truth and know that the eventual victory is the Lord’s, who authored truth in the first place.

Modern, western Christianity has generally adopted a false doctrine of non-engagement, when it comes to defending the Christian position when false authorities advance issues contrary to the Bible. We may seem to be at a disadvantage when our opponents use unethical tactics, but we should refrain from engaging in like manner, knowing that we do not wrestle with flesh and blood but against powers and principalities, as Christ’s ambassadors.

There are two possible scenarios when it comes to fighting for the Kingdom. Dealing with individuals and dealing with representatives of claimed authorities. We should never fight with the individual. Simply love them into the Kingdom by being real and offering something better than what they have.

When dealing with other claims to authority, I have a secret weapon that I use, that often, but not always, yields positive results. The secret is that deep down, most people do not like confrontation and especially not with a superior, that is, if they value their job. While most people will automatically defend themselves, it is usually not a good thing to do so before the boss, and ultimately, everybody has a boss. I have found that if I have been diligent to properly conduct myself as an ambassador for Christ when dealing with unpleasant people or an unpleasant situation and I get the “get lost” treatment, I contact that individual’s supervisor and if that does not work I go to the supervisor’s superior and on up the line until I reach someone who will treat my concern appropriately. With a little political savvy, one can usually be heard and perhaps even taken seriously with respect to whatever is at issue. I do not believe we should be employing the world’s methods of trying to initiate change through rallies, demonstrations and other parades as this only serves to reduce our claim to truth.

Now you have it, the answer to the big question. However, I think we need to go one step further with this question and apply it to our specific field of education, so, if you will allow me, I will…

conclude this next week.

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