Home Education 101: The Foundation for Home Education

Léo Gaumont talks to home educators in Grande Prairie,
Alberta about the philosophical basis for home education. He explains that everybody has a worldview or faith foundation. A truly Christian education cannot be delivered using secular humanist curriculum. With this in mind, Léo analyzes the Alberta Programs of Study and blended programming from a consistently Christian perspective. He argues that it’s far better to put our trust in the Lord than to put our confidence in men and man-centered educational programs.


Home Education 201: The Fundamentals of Home Education

Léo Gaumont talks to home educators in Grande Prairie, Alberta about the practical aspects of home education. There are lots of different kinds of curriculum and the right one is the one that works for you and your child. Many home educating parents are fearful of failing or not doing enough. But they should relax and take one day at a time. They will do enough. Schools don’t teach, they provide opportunities for learning. Parents can do the same thing, but even better.


Preparing for College: Home Education and Post-Secondary Admissions

In this recording, Léo Gaumont talks to the Christian Home Educators of Newfoundland and Labrador about the best way for home educating students to prepare for post-secondary education. He recommends that they avoid obtaining a high school diploma. Students should prepare for careers that reflect their natural aptitudes. And when applying to a post-secondary institution, home educated students need to look for the alternate admission criteria.


Career Planning for Home Educated Students

In this recording, Léo Gaumont talks to the Christian Home Educators of Newfoundland and Labrador about career planning for home educating students. God has called each person to a particular task, and He equips each person for that task. Children should pursue a career that corresponds with their aptitudes. Obtaining a post-secondary education does not make someone better than others. In God’s eyes, there is no job or career that is more important than the other.


A Creationist Perspective On Education

In this presentation to a Creation Family Camp, Léo Gaumont begins by briefly describing his background. He was raised in the Roman Catholic Church and was taught by nuns but didn’t know Christ as his Saviour. He was completely indoctrinated into evolutionary philosophy. At university he was challenged by some Christians to read the Bible. In 1978 after having studied the Bible intensely he gave his heart to the Lord. But since he was trained as a biologist, he had a problem with Genesis chapters 1-3. After reading some creationist books, however, he realized he had been wrong about evolution.

Creationism has implications for education. Public education has no place for God. It actively promotes an anti-Christian secular humanist worldview. God gave children to parents and it’s the parents’ responsibility to educate them. According to Deuteronomy 6, parents are supposed to talk to their children about God all the time. This is only possible in a home education context.


Dispelling Educational Myths 1 of 2 Philosophical Foundation and False Dogmas

In this presentation Léo Gaumont explains that God has established the family, the church, and the state. Each one has authority within certain boundaries determined by God. God gave the authority for educating children to the family, not the church or the government. In some cases, the church and the government have breached the boundaries limiting their authority.

People who have gone to school and then home educate their children often bring “school” home with them. All they know is the dogma of schooling from their own experience. But that dogma is really just misinformation. We should question everything.


Dispelling Educational Myths 2 of 2 Practical Applications: Learning is Natural

God gives children to families, not churches or governments. In Christian home education, we develop what God has already created. God doesn’t make junk. Learning is natural and doesn’t require a school. Children will learn when they are ready. All children are different and progress at a different rate. They have different interests and aptitudes. School treats them as if they were all the same, and its goal is purposeless mediocrity.


Home Educating With Confidence

In this recording, Léo Gaumont talks to the Edmonton Home School Christian Fellowship about Education Unlimited and its perspective. Children are created by God and therefore have an innate capacity for learning, natural aptitudes, gifts, talents and interests. They have an individual readiness along with a purpose and a place. God gives children to parents, not to the government. The educational program should be fitted to the student rather than the student being fitted to the program. Léo also explains the subjective basis of “school standards.” There is no “standard” student. Parents will not ruin their child’s life through home education because home education works. (Toward the end of this recording the sound weakens in places when Léo walks away from the microphone.)


Believing In Creation: Implications for Educational Choice

In this message to a 2006 Creation Science Camp, Léo Gaumont talks about the educational implications of the debate over creation and evolution. Evolution is offered as an explanation for origins to get rid of God. It is based on faith in man rather than faith in God. If the beginning of the Bible can be destroyed, its credibility can be challenged, and the end of the story (salvation through Jesus Christ) can be made out to be a baseless myth. Public school biology emphasizes the teaching of evolution.

Parents are directly accountable to the Lord for their children and home education is the best choice for Christian parents to make. It’s the only way that parents can be assured of a creation-acknowledging, Bible-based, God-centered education.


Homeschooling in Canada – Léo Gaumont Interviewed by Kevin Swanson of Generations Radio

Families in Canada are turning towards homeschooling as a good way to protect their children from a toxic culture, prepare them for life with a rock-solid biblical worldview, and give them a terrific education in the process. Léo Gaumont from Education Unlimited in Canada shares a little of the history of the homeschooling movement north of our border.