Current Issues

Why Home Education in Alberta is in Trouble

In this audio recording, Léo Gaumont talks to Lethbridge home educators in May 2016 about problems he sees in Alberta’s home education community and who is responsible. Léo “names names” in this presentation.

Ted Byfield’s Blog

Ted Byfield, the founder of Alberta Report magazine and editor of the Christian History Series, has begun writing a blog about Alberta’s curriculum overhaul. He has publicly defended parental rights in education for decades, including the right to home educate. All Albertans concerned about the education of their children will benefit from the content of this blog.

Informed Albertans Blog

Recently, Theresa Ng, a former teacher, has begun a blog that provides important information and commentary about Alberta’s education system. She defends parental rights in education, which is a cornerstone of the home education movement. This blog would be beneficial to anyone who would like to follow current education controversies from a parental rights perspective.

Léo Gaumont Responds to ATA News Editor

On November 8, 2016, an editorial by Jonathan Teghtmeyer, the ATA News Editor-in-Chief, was posted online. It is entitled “Home education should be supervised by Alberta’s school boards” and it was prompted by the Alberta government’s attempted closure of Trinity Christian School. Mr. Teghtmeyer argues that home educated students should be required “to register with their resident public, separate or francophone school authority.” Léo Gaumont responded to the editorial and refuted its arguments. His response can be read here.

Dr. James Dobson Discusses Home Education

Dr. James Dobson, the highly-respected Christian leader, has a daily radio program called Family Talk. Two recent broadcasts focused on the need to get children out of public schools. Both broadcasts contain encouraging information about the benefits of homeschooling. They are available online. Click on the titles to listen to The Current State of Public and Christian Education 1 and The Current State of Public and Christian Education 2.

Campaign in Support of Parental Rights

Parents for Choice in Education (PCE) has initiated a “PARENTAL CONSENT IS KEY” Open Letter Campaign. The need for this campaign is explained in a short but powerful video. PCE has prepared an open letter that it is encouraging all Albertans to sign. Those who sign the letter are showing their support for parental rights in education, and their support is then communicated to Alberta’s major political leaders. Any threat to parental authority in education has the potential to undermine home education, so home educators should assist all efforts to defend parental rights. To view the video and learn more about the campaign please click here.

Video About Alberta Private Schools

Some private schools in Alberta receive the bulk of their funding from their home education programs. AISCA (the Association Of Independent Schools & Colleges In Alberta) has recently produced an excellent video explaining private school funding in Alberta and the benefits of educational choice. This enjoyable video entitled “Alberta’s Private Schools serve the Public Good” can be viewed by clicking here.

Gender Ideology Harms Children

“The American College of Pediatricians urges healthcare professionals, educators and legislators to reject all policies that condition children to accept as normal a life of chemical and surgical impersonation of the opposite sex. Facts – not ideology – determine reality.” This is pertinent for home educators because politicians are currently using the transgender issue to undermine parental rights in education, which could potentially erode home education freedoms in the future.