Where Are We Going? A Candid Look at the Past, Present and Future of Home Education in Alberta (2016)

Léo Gaumont believes it is far easier to defend what we have than to reclaim what we lost. For this reason, he candidly discusses the state of Home Education in this province – past, present, and future – and what may ultimately lead to the loss of the right to freely home educate within a Christian context in Alberta. His twenty-five years as a classroom teacher combined with his twenty-seven years of home education experience, alongside his faith, have given him a unique perspective of what has happened and what is likely to happen to home education in Alberta.

Léo Gaumont Discusses Schooling, Unschooling and Careers for Home Educated Students (2015)

Former public school teacher and home education expert Léo Gaumont answers questions about teaching children at home. He argues that a school environment is not as conducive to learning as a child’s own home.

Janette Oke Explains Why She Supports Home Education (2015)

Janette Oke, one of the most popular novelists of recent decades, discusses her views on home education. She explains why she thinks it is a good option for parents to choose. For more information about Janette Oke, please read Janette Oke: Canada’s Best-Selling Author.

Léo Gaumont Interviewed About Home Education on CTV (2015)

Léo Gaumont and Adèle Hoflin explain the benefits of home education for CTV’s Alberta PrimeTime in February, 2015.

Ted Byfield Discusses Christian Education and Homeschooling (2015)

More than any other Canadian media personality in recent decades, Ted Byfield has been the champion of Christianity and educational freedom. In this interview, hear his views about the importance of Christian education and homeschooling.

Challenging Dogma and Educational Hang-Ups (2010)

Léo Gaumont explains why everyone should question commonly-held beliefs about schooling and education. In doing so he points out that God has given parents the authority over the education of their children. Parents know their children far better than anyone else and are therefore the best teachers for their children. There’s no such thing as a “standard” child so each child should have individualized expectations. Children’s learning is best motivated by their readiness, interests and natural curiosity. The parents’ goal should be to see that their children have a relationship with God and that they end up in the career He created them for.

Measuring Our Children’s Success (2014)

Many home educating parents measure their own success by their children’s post-secondary achievements and subsequent careers. That is why those parents are so concerned about post-secondary admissions. Léo Gaumont asks: is that how God wants us to measure our success as parents?

God Will Direct Our Children in Their Careers (2014)

Léo Gaumont says that home educating parents do not need to worry about the future career prospects of their children. If their children are raised to love God, He will direct them into the job or career that is in keeping with the gifts, abilities and talents He has given them.

The Two Types of Careers (2014)

Léo Gaumont says parents need to realize that they don’t know the future. Parents must trust God to lead their children to where they should be in keeping with His purpose.

There Are Many Entrances to Post-Secondary Education (2014)

Léo Gaumont argues that students do not need a High School Diploma to be admitted into post-secondary institutions.

Don’t Seek Government School Credits (2014)

Do you need the government to determine what your children should learn? Léo Gaumont explains why parents should not seek government accreditation for their home education program.

Children Will Learn to Read When They Are Ready (2014)

Léo Gaumont argues that not all children can learn to read by the time they are 6 or 7 years old. Some children are not ready to read until later. But all home educated students will learn to read.

There Are No Real School Standards (2014)

Léo Gaumont points out that every person is unique. Therefore there are no “standard” kids.