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What is Home Education?

Most people are only familiar with public schooling as a method of education. As a result, they see public schooling as the “standard,” and judge other forms of education, such as home education, as falling short. When the people making these sorts of judgments are government officials, home educators are unfavorably mischaracterized. To correct this problem, Léo Gaumont has written an essay to explain why home educators should not be judged by public school criteria. Read his essay, What is Home Education?

Testing and Evaluation

In this brief article, Léo Gaumont explains why home educated students do not need to be tested. Parental evaluation of home educated students is sufficient. The parents have authority over all aspects of a traditional home education program, and that includes student assessment.

The Two Sides to Alberta’s Home Education Funding

In this article, Léo Gaumont discusses government funding of home education in Alberta and the issues that arise due to that funding.

Blended Programming

Alberta has an educational option that mixes homeschooling with public schooling called “blended programming.” Léo Gaumont has spoken out strongly against blended programming and has led the campaign against it. For information about the dangers of blended programs, please click here.

Changes to Blended Program Funding Explained

In 2016, the Alberta government began to crackdown on the illegitimate application of blended programming within the home education community. As a consequence, a number of home education providers involved in blended programming faced major claw-backs and serious financial issues. They were no longer able to “buy” parents with greater monetary incentives. A video of Léo Gaumont explaining these changes is available by clicking here.

Léo Gaumont’s Submission Concerning the Education Act Regulatory Review

In 2012 the Government of Alberta passed the Education Act. The following year a process to revise education-related regulations to align with the Education Act was initiated. This included soliciting feedback from citizens and stakeholders. Léo Gaumont emailed his thoughts on this matter to the Minister of Education in November, 2013 and his email is available for reading here along with the Minister’s reply.

Léo Gaumont’s Submission to the Alberta Commission on Learning

In 2002 the Alberta government decided to launch a comprehensive review of the province’s education system. A Commission on Learning was established to undertake this effort and to prepare recommendations to improve the system. There was an extensive consultation process that included input from concerned citizens and stakeholders. Léo Gaumont contributed his submission in November, 2002 and it is available for reading here.