No Diploma? No Problem

Home educated students who do not follow government programming, do not acquire credits, and do not receive a high school diploma, can still be admitted to post-secondary institutions in Alberta and other jurisdictions. This page contains links to helpful resources for home educating parents and students concerned about post-secondary admissions for unaccredited home educators.

No Diploma? No Problem (Edmonton)

This is the recording of a presentation Léo Gaumont made to a group of Edmonton home educators on April 24, 2018. In it he explains how unaccredited home educated students can get into post-secondary institutions without government credits or a high school diploma.

The single best resource on the topic of “No Diploma No Problem” is Léo Gaumont’s article, Addressing Home Educating Parents’ Post-Secondary Concerns. This article provides an overview of the issues involved in post-secondary admissions for home educators. Please read this to get the “big picture.”

Another excellent resource is Léo’s audio message, Preparing for College: Home Education and Post-Secondary Admissions.

Here Léo talks about the best way for home educating students to prepare for post-secondary education. He recommends that they avoid obtaining a high school diploma. And when applying to a post-secondary institution, home educated students need to look for the alternate admission criteria.

An excellent brief summary of the issues is Léo’s video, What About Post-Secondary Admissions? Fears and Concerns Series (Part 11):

One important consideration in deciding which college or university to attend should be that institution’s attitude towards home educators. Some of them are very favourable to recruit home educated students and try to make the admissions process as easy as possible. Schools of this nature receive a green check-mark beside their names on Education Unlimited’s listing of post-secondary institutions’ admissions policies. That listing is available by clicking here.

People in other jurisdictions can also verify the truth of Education Unlimited’s perspective on admissions without high school diplomas. Here are two Youtube videos that demonstrate this point:

Q & A Unschooling and College

From Unschooling to University and Work: an Interview (Part 1)