Who Is Responsible?

Written by Faye Gaumont, published on 2013-10-28.

Opinions expressed in this blog are those of the blogger which, although based on a personal knowledge of the scriptures can be in error, as no one has a corner on the truth. We simply and sincerely search for it.

We, as frail human beings, are a defensive bunch. Being imperfect, we all make mistakes. Some are small, like putting cinnamon instead of chili powder in the batch of chili. This error does not have serious repercussions. Other mistakes are very costly such as shutting off the heat instead of the hot water tank when going on an extended vacation in the middle of the winter. Whether the mistake is small or large, someone is responsible for making the mistake and must accept the consequences of that decision.

When it comes to making decisions regarding our children’s education, we do so based on the information we have. Some decisions are good such as deciding to home educate. Some are not, such as sending them off to public school. Whether we acknowledge it or not, God has entrusted our children to us as their parents and has given us the responsibility to raise them for His kingdom. We use various resources and guides to help us but we still do make mistakes. When we do, we must accept the consequences, ask His forgiveness and carry on. We do our best as loving parents but there will be some things that don’t turn out as we had hoped. Ultimately, because there are no guarantees in this life, the results may not be what we think they should be. Children may rebel and do things contrary to our directives, which may be biblical in foundation. We at Education Unlimited want to help you train your children following a biblical standard. Remember that people don’t see things as God does. We see only the immediate, temporal result, when God knows the final, eternal picture. The last page of the story isn’t written yet. Trust in the Lord, admit your error (encourage your children to do the same), ask His forgiveness and go forward.

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