To God Rather Than To Man

Part of the series Inspiration From Facilitation
Written by Léo & Faye Gaumont, published on 2013-11-11.

If a building requires a good foundation, a life more so.

Opinions expressed in this blog are those of the blogger which, although based on personal experience and knowledge of the scriptures, can be in error. No one has a corner on the truth but we should all sincerely be in search of it.

Bible Reference: Matt. 6:31-33

If what matters most in life is relationships, then we are blessed indeed. We have been privileged with being able to visit hundreds of families each year, not only throughout the Province of Alberta, but across this country and beyond. Of all the relationships possible in this world, it should be obvious that none is more important than that of the family. It is most certainly what matters most to us, beginning with our own and enriched by yours.

Facilitating a multitude of families has given us opportunity for much insight. Insights that when tested against the truth of the Bible has brought more than a few things to light. We hope to encourage you with some of these insights over the next few weeks.

It is obvious that there are many processes and procedures at work in the world of home education, but the foundational reason for choosing to educate at home directs them all. Nobody builds a house without first establishing a strong foundation, yet there are people whose spiritual house lacks that foundation. Actually, it is not that there is a lack of foundation as much as there is a usually a lack of consideration as to what our world view foundation is. We all have a foundation, but most of us simply carry on in life, believing what we have been told or experienced without questioning or having a clear understanding of what directs our lives. All of us have adopted and incorporated things that are not true as part of our world view foundation simply because we did not have the the truth against which we could measure potential error.

If building a house requires a good foundation, building a family, more so. The Bible gives us two possible foundations, one as solid as a rock and one as unstable as sand. The first is based on the truth, the other is not. People do not normally determine to build on sand or lies, but that is what we default to if we do not actively seek the truth. Coming to the knowledge of the truth should be the motivation of all who desire Godly wisdom. If we seek it, we will find it, but if it doesn’t matter, we will no doubt be accepting lies that will lead us, and all that we do, away from God. The Bible clearly states that we are either for Him or against Him. We pray that all home educating families will actively seek the truth in order to make sure that the children are truthfully directed to God rather than to man.

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