Our Digital Management System: Meet Education Unlimited (Part 8)

As a teacher I was exposed to developing digital technology very early. Unlike most, I am usually not fearful of new things, so I took to using computers fairly early in their development.

Although I cannot claim to be the first to use computer technology in my field, I seemed to be a natural in exploiting the power of this “thinking machine.”

I was likely the first facilitator to have visited families with a laptop in the mid-nineties and to have conducted all of my educational affairs digitally.

Thinking back on it, as a digital trail blazer, I quickly discovered that not everybody was as enthusiastic about modern technology as I was, and I soon learned to seek parental permission before taking the “wicked thing” out of its bag!

By the time that Education Unlimited was started, I had already developed a template for recording parental plans and facilitation reporting as well as a sophisticated process for the planning of facilitation trips and optimizing efficiency.

I had never employed a pen and paper in my facilitation visits and I had already sought and got permission from the government to keep digital student records, making Education Unlimited the province’s first fully digital “school”. This was in 1999!

From its inception, Education Unlimited has employed the maximum usage of digital technology to make the task of home educating as easy as possible for everyone involved.

I was initially the entire IT department, but when I perceived a genuine talent for computer-related activities in one of my “un-schooling” students early in our development, I started thinking about collaboration!

Initially employing him to help me with some of my IT ambitions when he was fourteen, I quickly realized his natural affinity for this work. When I offered him his own Apple laptop if he would help me get some of my IT tasks done, I got his immediate attention. But when I gave him his own iPod, I had a friend for life!

Our professional association and personal friendship has grown over the years to become what one could describe as a truly “mutual admiration society”!

Our relationship grew as he grew up, left home, and got married. Since having him as our dedicated full time IT expert, Ian Weir has, in my opinion, rewritten the term Information Technology to mean Information Ingenuity.

Together, and in association with all those serving and being served by and through Education Unlimited, we make up a formidable team of “techno-educators”!

Combining our sincere desire to be of service to, not only those families who have entrusted us as part of their home education journey, but all home educators in the world with the intelligent use of modern technology, has resulted in what we have today.

I can confidently boast that Education Unlimited’s unprecedented, unequaled and highly sophisticated Digital Management System for home education is second to none and what truly differentiates us from the rest.

I would like to end this series and this year’s blogs by listing some of the things that can be expected for those associated with Education Unlimited.

Let’s start by repeating the fact that Education Unlimited was originally created as a ministry to serve home educating parents desiring the best for their children, who, having escaped the school system, wanted the truth regarding training and teaching without compromising their faith and without focusing on money.

In this regard, Education Unlimited has not changed.

Secondly, not only as the “boss of this outfit,” but in a real and personal way, I have been contributing to the greater home education community for nearly thirty years.

We take a principled and uncompromising approach in advancing home education to the greater home education community and not just to those who are registered with us. In this respect also we remain dedicated leaders.

The third point you should consider when deciding who you will entrust to be your home education provider, is that we work on behalf of our school which retains control of their home education program using our secured, hyper-efficient, web-based digital management system that effectively and efficiently serves all related players.

Our website www.educationunlimited.ca is a treasure trove of helpful information and resources, available to anyone desiring or requiring assistance or encouragement in home education. It is worthwhile to take the time to discover all that is included there.

For those wanting more in-depth works generally focused towards the greater provincial, national and international home education community, including audios, videos, articles, research, advocacy, presentations, blogs and other sources of encouragement and information, leogaumont.com is the place to go.

Both web sites are responsive, meaning that they function well on any device, including all computers, tablets and smartphones.

The additional benefits for parents registered though our schools are too numerous to list entirely, so I will highlight the main digital functions included in our management system.

Once logged in to their password secured “myEU”, parents have (24/7/365) personal services including: EU information, schedules, deadlines, facilitator information and personal account settings, as well as parental access to student files and records for all their students, including those that are archived.

Parents also have immediate access to required documentation as well as online program planning and transcript creation options that are fully interactive and integrated with the greater management system.

Parents can also upload and/or download things directly to/from our database, such as: family, student and student work photos; Family and Student ID Cards; and, best of all, parents can submit all education expense claims digitally, using any device. No other provider offers this level of service!

Education Unlimited has always strived to serve our families in the best possible way. I believe Education Unlimited is the best option, but then again, I may be just a bit biased, as I culminate my life’s work in service to parents and students.

While others may claim that they are just as good as the world in preparing children for the world, Education Unlimited continues to specialize in enabling, equipping, and encouraging families to know and understand their faith while preparing their children not only for this world, but also for the world to come.

This concludes my blogs for this year. From all of us to all of you, have a great summer.

My name is Léo Gaumont. I remain passionate about my faith, family and future-focused home education. God bless.