Learning is Natural

Written by Léo & Faye Gaumont, published on 2014-06-02.

Learning as a natural a coughing and sneezing. It cannot be developed but it can, and should be, directed.

Opinions expressed in this blog are those of the blogger which, although based on a personal knowledge of the scriptures can be in error, as no one has a corner on the truth. We simply and sincerely search for it.

While having breakfast at a restaurant the other day, we had the good fortune to be sitting near enough to a young family to be able to hear the conversation of a very young girl with her parents. Although she may have been under two years of age, she communicated intelligently with clear articulation, that left no one in doubt of what she intended to say. While being entertained by her expressions and demeanor, we started discussing the the complexities of language and the ease with which most children simply cobble together the ability to communicate.

While animals have a variety of forms with which they communicate to each other, only man can truly share in abstract ways. Starting by simply crying when there were needs, this little girl must have quickly got the attention of her parents, who although they were mostly guessing, could determine what was required. This basic foundation eventually included hand gestures and body language, leading to the first word, then words, sentences, and thoughts. One of the most complicated things the child will ever learn, learned without the need for a guide, curriculum or program. When did God appoint professionals to direct this learning program? How did we do before these programs were invented. Did we learn to communicate, think and live? How could that have been possible? You would think the way people, government, church and society behaves, that learning was only invented when schools were created. Learning is natural. Education is not. Scripture directs us to train, not educate, our children. All of us were trained to do what we do, with or without the help of programs and professionals. How we were educated will determine the how and why we do what we do.

Learning comes as naturally as scratching, sneezing, and coughing. There is no need to break it down into subject parts and subparts over a twelve year period. Provide the opportunity and they will learn. Direct the program and you direct the child.

What is Our Life’s Ambition?

Written by Léo & Faye Gaumont, published on 2014-06-09.

Where we are focussed in life will determine the future of our families.

Opinions expressed in this blog are those of the blogger which, although based on a personal knowledge of the scriptures can be in error, as no one has a corner on the truth. We simply and sincerely search for it.

Bible Reference: 1 Cor. 10:31

While on a vacation, we had the opportunity to visit a grand old house that had been built by a well to do individual who lived and died in the late nineteenth century. More of a castle than a house, it provided us with several thoughts regarding life and why we live it. It was made clear that the individual who built this house, wanted to make his mark in the world. He wanted to show the “old money” establishment that “new money” could do as much as the “old”. He was seeking recognition from his fellow men in building a house he would never live to enjoy, as he died two years before it’s completion. Having focussed on the things of this world, he left a lot of money he likely discovered he could not take with him, as well as a large family that he had neglected in order to amass the money. His castle, intended to impress the world, was eventually viewed as an out of place monstrosity, that not even his family wanted. Twenty years after the death of this man, his only mark was actually nothing more than a marker for his grave. Nobody could answer our questions regarding what happened to the family or the big pile of money. What a sad story!

On the same vacation, we also got to visit an incredibly beautiful garden. This garden was also originally created by a well to do family that lived about the same time as the builders of the castle, but this family had a different focus. They apparently were also interested in leaving their mark in this world, but that mark was to glorify God rather than man. They saw beauty in what God had created and did a marvelous job of displaying that beauty. Focussed on God rather than man, they left a world famous garden that is still owned and operated by descendants of the original family. Their name has been preserved in the garden they constructed with what God had created. The family is still connected.

Two families living at the same time. Both in very prosperous businesses. Both wanted to leave a mark on the world. One wanted his name immortalized by man, the other just loved God’s creation and wanted to share it’s beauty with others. The one who was focussed on his accomplishments has all but vanished from the history books. The other, who was more focussed on God and His creation, lives on as the namesake of a beautiful legacy known as the Butchart Gardens.

At Year’s End

Written by Léo & Faye Gaumont, published on 2014-06-16.

A heartfelt appeal to families registered with Education Unlimited to examine our hearts in light of a few rather unpleasant situations regarding “money”.

Honesty is always the best approach, even when not appreciated by everyone. Sometimes things just have to be stated, even at the risk of offending those whose guilt causes them to object.

Bible Reference: Matt. 6:24

As we close the office for the season, I am compelled to share a summary of what we observed over the past year. All in all, it was a good year, with many opportunities to help and encourage families, first, within the Province Of Alberta through Education Unlimited and hopefully beyond its borders through our web site and this blog. However, as with anything in life, some negative things also occurred. Besides the constant concern for the few families that are tempted to follow the trend to complete secular programming and accreditation, the biggest disappointment this year had to be the fallout from a decision we were essentially forced to make regarding parent resources funding.

After resisting for ten years, we had to stop the indefinite carryover of parent resources funding five years ago, as it became impossible to manage. We then instituted a new carryover policy of one year which was a lot of work for us, but we did it as a service to our families. This year, as a consequence of retroactive changes enacted by the government, we found that any carryover of unused funds created a logistical nightmare for both our school and accountants, so we were forced to put an end to parent resources funding unused in one year being carried over into the following year. It was our sincere hope that everything would carry on as before, but our worst fears were realized once we announced the discontinuation of carryover. Even after clearly stipulating that any unused funds was not going into our personal pockets, nor was it returned to the government, but assumed by our school (to whom we are eternally grateful for the privilege of working with, since they are not in a compromising position), we initiated a “greed stampede” that we could not have imagined coming from our group of mostly dedicated Christians!

Funding paid to the school for the delivery of home education was suddenly “my money”. By far the most frequently asked question asked of our office this spring was “how much money do I have left?”. How money sent to our school suddenly became “the parents’ money” is hard to imagine, unless one considers the insidious power money has over people. If this funding belonged to parents who could spend it as they wish, would not the government have sent the money directly to them? The truth is, perhaps the government knew that to do so would initiate the kind of thing we witnessed this year, so they send the money to the school rather than to the parents so the school could properly mange the funds on the parents’ behalf. I must now admit that the government has probably acted with more wisdom than those parents who were so obsessed with spending “their money”, that they were more than willing to sabotage relationships we have had with them, some for a very long time. When money becomes so important, we are willing to accuse, insult or abuse others, we have a serious problem that is bound to have long lasting negative consequences for home education in this province. But then again, maybe that is what the government had in mind when they made the money available in the first place! Throw a little money in the ring and watch the “Christians” destroy each other over it! Sad, but we can always count on the misinformed and the greedy to wreck it for the disciplined and principled. Perhaps there should not be any funding for home education. Maybe then, we could switch our efforts to more meaningful tasks, like modeling an eternal vision for our children, rather than focussing on the temporal.

Summer Holidays

Written by Léo Gaumont, published on 2014-06-15.


Nothing to disclaim about wishing you all a good summer!

Bible Reference: Num. 6:24-26

There will be few who will take the time to read this blog, I am sure. As Canadians, we wait for eight months so we can enjoy the outside for four, two of which we can actually count on for having nice weather! So, when summer comes, most of us are outside and as far away from our winter activities as possible. Enjoying summer does not mean children have stopped learning. On the contrary, they will probably have greater opportunity to learn more interesting things about life in a real world, so go ahead and have fun.

This blogger, being a true Canadian, has also determined to enjoy a bit of time off for the summer, so I will resume blogging when our office opens again in mid-August.