Evolution and Creation: Worldview Series (Part 6)

Carrying on with our discussion on our having a choice between two opposing thoughts, let me give you a really good, quick example.

Evolution and Creation are two entirely different things. Anybody who’s stopped to study it finds they’re mutually exclusive.

Yet if you were to take a survey of people, Christian and non-Christian alike, where do most people sit? Right smack in the middle. Eighty-five percent of people are what we call theistic evolutionists.

They believe in God, and yes, God did create with power, but evolution is how everything came here. That doesn’t make any sense.

It doesn’t make any sense because people are trying to mix, or to blend, two entirely different things, with both sides claiming that they hold the keys to the truth.

And so, every time you watch television, every time you read a book, every time you look in a textbook, or whatever, every time you look at an animal, you’re going to look at evolution, correct? Then you read the Bible and it tells you something altogether different.

You want to believe all the stuff that you’re hearing and reading, and you want to believe everything that’s in the Bible, so what do you do? Put the two together. But what are you? You’re mixed up. Because they’re two separate things altogether. You can’t put them in the same pile.

This is what I really appreciated about the whole idea of having what we call the “dichotomist” view of life. That’s what the Bible shows us. We’re either righteous or unrighteous; right or wrong; heaven-bound or hell-bound.

It’s real simple, so it helps us to understand a simplified viewpoint where self-righteousness is not based on God but “me” and whatever I have determined is right or wrong.

This is where we come from, that is, we believe in scripture, where we find there are really only two choices, the right choice and the wrong choice. That’s how we want to raise our children, and yet, we often fail to make our choices based on right or wrong. We usually prefer to do it our way, not necessarily the right way.

Have you ever stopped to think of that? In a way, we are sort of hypocrites. We tell our children there’s only two choices, and yet we demonstrate our belief that there’s a multitude of choices and that there’s all kinds of possibilities.

The reason we do that is twofold. First, we tend to think we are the centre of the universe and so what we want is what we do. It is also possible that we make bad decisions because we just don’t know the truth. Perhaps it is not ultimately, that important to us.

The majority of people are theistic evolutionists not because they are great believers in evolution, and not even because they’re great believers in creation. It’s because, if you were to ask them to explain the creation story, they couldn’t explain it to you.

They do know it’s in Genesis somewhere, probably the first few chapters. They don’t really know. They haven’t really gone there and studied it. They haven’t read the multitude of books that are out there to help us to understand the creation story.

They really haven’t looked into evolution either. I catch a lot of people that believe in evolution by simply asking how, or why. Ask them a question. Ask them if they believe in millions of years and when they answer yes, ask them why?

Like evolution vs creation, life is also black or white. The only true believers in greys are either misinformed or do not want to be informed. They like their greys because they move the boundaries to suit them. No commitment needed. Just whatever is most convenient and least demanding.

Unfortunately, this is not true. We need to pick a side.

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