A Choice Of But Two Things: Worldview Series (Part 4)

Christians actually have it simple. It really boils down to the fact that we actually have but two choices. Simple, but not necessarily easy.

From the Christian perspective, we’re either going to serve the little god (man), who’d like to be God, or the real God. We’re either going to do things that will ultimately lead to destruction, which the Scriptures refer to as things on earth or we’re going to concentrate on the things of God and reap accordingly. Simple, but not necessarily easy.

So, we’ve got Heaven and Hell, and then we’ve got good and bad. It really is a matter of you’re being bad or you’re being good, of you’re being disobedient or you’re being obedient to scriptural directives. Ultimately, you’re going to reap what you sow in the form of the curse, or the blessing. Simple, but not necessarily easy.

You notice there really are only two choices here. We can believe a lie, and operate in fear, or we can believe in the truth, and operate in faith. Put another way, we can be against Him—the scripture refers to that as pleasing man—or we can be for Him, which the scripture refers to as pleasing God. The focus is either the temporal or the eternal. Simple, but not necessarily easy.

Really, when you look at the scripture, we can ask “Where are the greys in scripture? There are none. We’re on one side or on the other. There are no greys. Relativism has no place or support in scripture. The choice is simple, but not necessarily easy.

I have a theory about what greys are. There’s a book called The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis. Reading it is a must, if you enjoy bending your brain a little. It’s a book that’s written about a senior devil instructing a junior devil in the art of temptation.

It’s really hard to read after you’re been reading the Bible, which is teaching you how to do good things, and then you’re reading a book that’s teaching you how to do all the bad things. But it’s worth the brain bend just to get a perspective on what’s going on.

Now if I was the devil, and I did not want you to believe in the one true God, what would I do? I’d get rid of the black and white. I’d get rid of the idea of right and wrong. I’d create a whole bunch of greys and I’d make both ends extreme, then I would introduce all kinds of evil as choice on the notion of there not being a right or wrong, truth or lies. No black and whites, just grays. Isn’t that what the world does?

We are constantly fed greys. We are supposed to accept the “progressive” notion that everything is ok because nothing in and off itself is right or wrong. Nothing but greys.

If you challenge this thinking and suggest that there are absolutes in morality, you’re going to find that you’re not going to get a lot of support for your position, you are actually stepping on somebody else’s faith system. One where there is no truth, no absolutes and freedom for all to do as they wish.

However, it is not the freedom to do as we wish that is at issue here, but where will it lead us? You can be worldly-minded or you can be Heavenly-minded. For true believers, it is actually that simple. It is not, however, necessarily easy.


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