Introduction to Worldview Series (Part 1)

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Hello! My name is Léo Gaumont.

I have been actively involved as a professional educator for over forty years, nearly thirty of them within the home education community, primarily within Alberta but on a national and international level, as well.

I made learning the biggest part of my teaching career. I felt that if I was not truly learning, that is, actively seeking the truth, I could not be a good example to those I was privileged to have in my classroom.

That search for truth led me to discover God’s plan for the redemption of a lost world. I became a believer in the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ and an ardent student of the Bible.

During this lifelong quest for truth, I questioned everything I had come to believe was the acceptable norm, especially in my field of education where I was being challenged daily with things I could not connect with the well-being of students.

This led to my wife and I deciding to bring our children home so that we could expose them to the truth while developing the skills they would need to survive and prosper in this world. It was a decision we have never regretted and now advance for all.

Helping parents to acquire a biblical perspective of parental authority and responsibility in the raising, training and teaching of children is more than an occupation for me. It is a passion. It is a ministry that compels me to carry on and share as much information with as many people as possible and to quietly influence as many as possible to discover the truth for themselves.

You will notice that I said discover the truth and not find the truth.

Discovering it means that it already exists. Finding the truth leaves too much room for personal creation and interpretation of the truth or for outside influences to “help” you find it.

Truth has never been relative, created or democratically determined. It just is and it pre existed the dawn of man. That is why is must be discovered.

This is the first in this series of presentations which I hope will bless you as you engage in your own quest for truth. Although the main focus is home education, one can apply the ideas discussed to other topics as it is built on a foundation of biblical understanding.

Enjoy as you learn.

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