Who Says… We Should Not Think?

Part of the series Who says…
Written by Léo Gaumont, published on 2015-05-25.

The truth is what thinking people come to believe rather than just believing something because we are told it is the truth.

Building on a foundation that God is, that He created the universe and that He ultimately is responsible for our children’s being, should provide ample substance upon which to build our faith. This lengthy series will identify the secular thinking that has eroded that faith.

Bible Reference: John 14:6

Many years ago, I had the privilege of having a retired photographer for a neighbor. He did not teach me much about photography but he did teach me many things about life. He was a thinking man and spent a lot of time pondering important issues and suggesting possible solutions. During his frequent visits to our place, he asked a lot of questions, both because he wanted to learn and to provide a stage to get me thinking more about things I was just taking for granted. He was the one who got me very interested in and directly involved in politics during those exciting Reform Party days. He truly earned the title of my greatest mentor, even though he did not personally share my dedication to faith.

One day, while returning from a long distance business trip, Dave was especially fired up and had a great many questions to ask me. After miles of travel and hours of fellowship, he felt free to ask me a question that he had wanted to ask, but up until now, had not, to avoid disagreement. Knowing I was a teacher and that I had been inside the system for years, he asked a question that put me on the spot. “Tell me”, he asked, “what percentage of the population thinks for themselves?” I did not want to sound arrogant or flippant when answering that question about an issue that had dogged me for years. I wiggled around a bit before answering, “Twenty or twenty-five percent”. I can still clearly remember the body language and posture as he leaned forward to repeat my answer, “Twenty-five percent?”! I thought I had insulted him and in a way I had, but when he continued with, “Twenty-five percent, I doubt that it is ten”, I was set at ease. I had not wanted to insult him with what I had come to know from years of experience as a high school teacher. By the time students reached high school, they had usually been completely programmed to not ask questions or to ask questions for which there was a pre-planned answer. By high school, they had been generally discouraged from thinking for themselves.

Don’t think… just believe, has been the creed of our secular society for decades, even longer. Any experienced leader will know that you can challenge others to check out your statements yet very few will bother. Most people find it easier, less bothersome and time consuming to “just believe”, but they have no idea just how dangerous this mindset is. Unthinking people end up as immature and dependent citizens, precisely what the perpetrating agencies have in mind. A dependent citizenry will behave as self-centered children, seeking what others can do for them and expecting these agencies, whether government, school or church to exercise a form of guardianship over them, the very thing controlling agencies desire. ‘Don’t think. Just believe.’, is a formula for bondage.

I have an opposing perspective when it comes to thinking. “Do think and you will come to believe.” Children discouraged from questioning and thinking remain children forever. Children and adults who do think will eventually come to the knowledge of the truth. That’s how and why God created us. When we discover truth it sets us free, and as we take responsibility for our own lives in keeping with this knowledge of the truth, we become free indeed. Whatever they may be, agencies that want to control us lose their grip on us when we do our own thinking.

Who says we should not think? Those who want to be sure we just believe what they want us to believe, which is not likely to be the truth. Thinking people eventually come to believe the truth, which is the way and the life of freedom. When we are free, we escape the grasp of those who would manipulate us into submissive slavery. Knowledge of the truth is dangerous stuff to manipulating agencies, so they encourage us to believe in their false sense of security by leading us to unquestioningly believe what we have been told is true. Believing something to be true is not the same as believing the truth. Think and you will come to see the difference.

By the way, Dave recanted in his later years. He adjusted his percentage of thinking people from ten to maybe five percent. Are you one of these blessed individuals? If so, keep thinking. If not, I encourage you to start questioning, thinking and challenging things you have just taken for granted. It may not be true and so you should not believe it.

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