Who Says… We Have To Go To School?

Part of the series Who says…
Written by Léo Gaumont, published on 2014-10-27.

Those that would send us to school, directly or indirectly, are serving man rather than God.

Building on a foundation that God is, that He created the universe and that He ultimately is responsible for our children’s being, should provide ample substance upon which to build our faith. This lengthy series will identify the secular thinking that has eroded that faith.

Bible Reference: Col. 2:8

Going to school has become as commonplace as going to work, it is just a different job description. But it was not always this way. One hundred and fifty years ago, there was no such thing as public school. Mandatory public education was originally created by the Prussians (Germans) with the objective of creating a compliant military. American industrial capitalists, who were having a difficult time convincing workers to leave the farm and family to work in factories, brought the idea of compulsory education to the United States, with the objective of creating a compliant work force.

When first brought to America, children were made to attend school against much parental opposition, even being marched off to school at gunpoint! By the beginning of the twentieth century, compulsory school programs were becoming rather common, with few bothering to question the authority, or how education had come to be a government responsibility. Over the next hundred years, government continued to play a key role in the education of it’s citizens, which originally must have been with the objective of providing opportunity for learning, eventually devolving to the creating of a compliant citizenry. Today, every time some issue is presented, we hear calls for “educating the public”, which essentially means “program them to think in a certain way”.

How many times have we heard… but I don’t want to go to school! Why would they say that? Because school is fun? Because school is somehow connected to the reality of a child’s life? You would think that reality would be the reason for sending children to school, but who’s reality is it? Certainly not that of most children and not that of parents, unless, of course, we are in need of a baby sitting service! It is the government’s reality, which makes no attempt to acknowledge God, the Bible or the Christian faith. In fact, under the banner of tolerance for all other beliefs and lifestyles, public schools have become Godless, unbiblical and anti-Christian. Why? Because God has never appointed government to teach the children and if He has not appointed government, government is free to advance its reality rather than God’s truth.

Who says we have to go to school? Government, under the pretense of wanting it’s citizens to have a good foundation of training, but in actuality desiring to program children to think like the government wants them to think and not to question anything, especially the government’s claim to authority which has never been authorized by God.

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