We Don’t Need Credits

Written by Léo Gaumont, published on 2014-05-19.

Greater faith in man than in God will lead us in lots of directions, but probably not the best one.

We often refrain from being honest because we do not wish to offend those who need to hear the truth. Opinions expressed in this blog are intended to offend those who would advance anything, other than the truth, in order to benefit themselves.

Bible Reference: Galatians 3:3

It is simply amazing how parents can throw away everything they have done to properly prepare their children for their future, as soon as post-secondary options are considered. Students go to an institution and, without making any reference to having been home educated, ask what is required to gain admission. They are shocked when they are told that they need government accreditation! What did they expect? When 95% of the students making application to the post-secondary institutions are coming from public schools (including separate, alternative, charter, online, private, home school providers, etc.), where they get government accredited programming, it should not surprise us if the expectation is government accreditation! Home education is not about having someone else take responsibility for the education of the children, but an opportunity to to take control of that education. Students and parents would do well to at least inform the admissions people of the fact that they have been home educated and then to help them understand that they do have an excellent foundation from which to advance to the post-secondary level. Instead, students leave disappointed and discouraged, often blaming their parents for having directed them to failure! Parents are tempted or simply forsake home education and go where credits are offered. There are no shortage of places willing to help the parents get those credits as this process does result in extra cash to the provider. Besides, can we not be as foolish as the Galatians who, having begun by the Spirit, were seeking perfection by the flesh!

God does not need accreditation and neither do his children. Secular thinking, that assumes all children are the same evolutionary product, will program children and accredit them. Institutions have long taken accreditation for granted as they normalize the process. Faith in God means working hard while trusting Him to direct us in our lives. If He wants us in college, we will get there. But, if we put our faith in man, don’t be surprised if at the end of the day, you find that you have made a mistake. No problem! God will still be there and still be directing you, after you discover that you decided to go backwards in order to advance.

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