Standard Kids and Perfect Families

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Written by Léo Gaumont, published on 2014-01-27.

A question was asked as to what was meant by our never having found the standard child or perfect family.

We do not claim to have all the right answers but based on our present understanding of the scriptures, we will do our best to bring a little clarity to your queries.

Bible Reference: Romans 3:10-12

Sometimes a question is asked that may cause us to, in turn, question the question! Confused? All questions are legitimate and they all need to be answered. Some questions have answers that are so obvious, you may actually think the person asking the question is lacking in some way. We all make assumptions about others that are simply not true. As an example, a believer diligently studying the scripture, will often assume that all professing believers do the same. We have all stated that everybody knows that…, or started a conversation three levels above the person we are talking to simply because we assumed they had spent as much time in thought about the topic as we have. The first rule of assumption is… never assume anything! So, let us deal with the topic at hand.

First, the perfect family. We all desire the perfect family, may even think we know of one or two, or aspire to create one of our own. Strange, considering that every family has problems of some sort. Scripture makes it clear and we are all well acquainted with the fact that there is no such thing as a perfect person. Therefore, since every family is composed of imperfect people, there is no such thing as perfect family. So, if you are bothered by the fact that your family is less than perfect, problem plagued or even dysfunctional, congratulations and welcome to the real world where everyone does everything possible to cover up the imperfections of their family. By the way, even though home education is the best way to properly train and disciple children, there are no claims made anywhere that it will result in perfect families. A bit less dysfunctional, perhaps, but never perfect. Enough said.

The standard child is a creation of secular humanists that desire a global conformity for people. They see children, not as a creation by God but as a cosmic collision of protoplasm. These people hold a schizophrenic view on the value and purpose of children and generally treat them as computers in need of programming. A standard is actually something applied to a product. One would expect all cars of the same make, model and year to be the same! When applied to programming (as in a computer) the product (the children) should all be the same. God does not delight in conformity but in diversity as manifested by His creation. When considering that God has created multiple billions of people, each one unique in the universe, one can indeed marvel at God’s creative genius, His love of diversity… and the complete impossibility of there being a standard child.

Hope this answers your question.

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