Back In The Saddle!

Written by Léo & Faye Gaumont, published on 2014-08-18.

Everything is true until we learn differently!

Bible Reference: Neh 8:10

Time sure does fly! It seems like we have only begun our break and here we are, back in the saddle again!

We sincerely hope you have had a good summer and are now refreshed, renewed, reinvigorated and looking forward to a another year of leading, learning and lessons.

Our summer was less than ideal as trouble seemed to follow us through those supposed “lazy days of summer”, but then again, it is not that anyone is ever trouble free, at least not on this side of heaven. We all wish that all those negative things that seem to plague our lives would simply go away, but they do not usually do so until after we have learned our lesson from them, whether we are on “vacation” or not. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, it is said, and some of us should be feeling pretty strong by now! However, that strength is not usually as much an inner strength as it is God’s strength. Learning to let go of these issues is very difficult, especially when God has created you to solve problems and fix things, as is the case with most men, or to feel the pain, as with most women. Neither men, nor women can actually handle problems alone. We all need God to carry us through, not around, our issues. We are all in desperate need of something bigger than ourselves when the problems are bigger than ourselves!

Some of you will remember the turn of the millennium, when we said goodbye to the 1900s and hello to the 2000s. Some believed it would be the end of the world! Hard to believe that we are now starting our 16th year since then! The 2014-15 school year will continue as things were, at least for this year, as the new home education regulations will not take effect until next year, we are told. However, we must bear in mind that God has never changed His mind about who, what, where and how children are to be trained and taught to be disciples. We need not wait with baited breath for new directives when the old ones have never been abolished!

Looking forward to being of service to you again this year.

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