What Can Be Expected… For now?

Part of the series Getting Started With Léo’s Blog
Written by Léo Gaumont, published on 2013-09-02.

Having discussed our foundation and our understanding of Godly leadership, we will now describe what to expect in this blog. Since it is indeed a new venture, we anticipate learning and modifying the way things will be done.

(As clearly stated in our web site Disclaimer, Léo’s blog will be presented from a biblically based Christian world view. No apologies are given or expected from those who disagree with or do not subscribe to this world view. The blog is meant to provide possible answers to the classical statement, “What is Truth”.)

Bible Reference: 1 Cor. 10:31

I have been encouraged to share the wisdom I have attained through a lifetime of actively seeking the truth and the nearly forty years of activity within the education arena. I have often been asked to “write the book”, but have largely been prevented from doing so by my inability to “stop the clock and take a picture”, since my understanding changes as I grow older and “wiser”. I am at my best when I minister to individual people with specific information appropriate to the moment. My dear friend calls these “sound bites”. He was the one that planted the idea of including a blog in the new web site where these sound bites could be made available to all, everywhere. Léo’s blog, will therefore be, my effort to share of the wisdom, knowledge and understanding that I have with anyone who wants to hear, but specifically directed to the Christian home educating community. I make the assumption that those who read it also share a sincere desire to come to the knowledge of the truth and are willing to act on the knowledge gained to better equip themselves and others for the cause of Christ. If indeed, I have become “wise”, it is because in my sincere search for the truth, I have learned how precious little I do know in the grand scheme of things. Wise perhaps, because I am fully aware of my sin, failures, inconsistencies, flaws, short comings and imperfections. There is no doubt these characteristics will find their way to the blog. It can’t help it, as an imperfect “blogger” reaching out to an imperfect audience in an imperfect world is bound to run into trouble or opposition. I am, therefore, fully aware that not everyone will agree with what has been said, however, agreement is not as important as giving the information presented some thought and consideration. If you like it, share it with others. If not, let’s agree to disagree and to remain friends, but please send me your comments and concerns. Needless to say, the blog will reflect my understanding and commitment to the Christian faith and biblical world view, and so it will often present thoughts applicable to life in general as well as to my target audience. I will do my best to keep things on a positive note but things may come up that provoke a bit of righteous indignation! I am not going to box myself into a plan or series but this may indeed be how things end up. I will be taking my direction, firstly from the Holy Spirit and from the “Ask Léo A Question” feature of the web site to keep the information fresh and pertinent. More than just a platform for me to express my views, my motivation is to be of service to the home educating community and to provide it with helpful hints and information to confidently train children in the way they should go. I plan to make the blog a weekly event for now and will on occasion have others participate in its dissemination. The public will have three editions available while members will have access to all past blog articles in the Library Archives. I trust this blog will be a blessing to you. In closing, I ask for your prayers and suggestions as we go forth by faith in this new venture. May God bless you richly as you seek and find His wisdom.
Léo Gaumont,
Education Unlimited

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