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Part of the series Getting Started With Léo’s Blog
Written by Léo Gaumont, published on 2013-08-18.

This blog has been a long time coming and a new experience for us all. The first “episodes” will attempt to explain what can be expected from this new web site feature.

(Léo’s blog will be presented from a biblically based Christian world view. No apologies are given or expected from those who disagree with or do not subscribe to this world view. The blog is meant to provide possible answers to the classical statement, “What is Truth”.)

Bible Reference: Matt. 6:33

Every once in awhile I feel so strongly that something should be done that I wonder if it is of me at all! I felt this way when I was compelled to do something about the admission of unaccredited home educated students in post-secondary institutions. Rather than accept the way things had always been done, I set out to change the way home educated students were evaluated for admission when they arrived without accreditation. When no one else wanted to expose the fallacious and fraudulent advancement of blended programming, not even the organizations that existed ostensibly to protect home educators, I did, and at no small personal cost. I felt strongly that we had to be involved in a ministry to the poor in Mexico, something that just came without previous consideration. The urgency that most concerns me today is the deplorable state of the western Christian church and the normalization, advancement and “Christianization” of secular humanistic philosophy in all aspects of daily Christian life. A great number of the programs, teachings, tools and strategies advanced as “biblical” today, would not only fail the Bible test but would simply be dismissed as heresy by our forefathers and third world Christians. Only within a culture obsessed with immediate gratification and instant formulas could we find ready acceptance of this foolishness. Is the pursuit of truth and a willingness to follow God our foundational motivation or is our personal well-being of greater importance? The problem is largely based on a ubiquitous lack of knowledge of scripture and the will of the Lord. It may come as a shock to many, but the Lord never promised us happiness or comfort and Christianity is not simply about being nice, using the right words and doing “Christian things”. The Christian walk is hard work, usually rewarded with persecution when “done” appropriately. It should be evident by our love for our fellow humans and a sincere desire to please God rather than man, no matter what the cost. What does this all have to do with home education? Everything! If we are not solid in our foundation we cannot build a lasting house. Most parents are convinced that God requires them to train and make disciples of their children but quickly get fooled into thinking that this responsibility is to become the best teacher and to outperform the world in the world’s game. I have long been convinced that home educators needed a place that would inform them of the truth and not perpetuate the worldly wisdom that takes us back from which we came. This was the compelling reason for the creation of Education Unlimited in the first place and the reason this blog was created.


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