Not As Good As The Public School Students

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Written by Léo & Faye Gaumont, published on 2013-12-16.

Some may actually believe that home educated student aren’t as well trained as their public school counterpart, but what are we comparing?

Opinions expressed in this blog are those of the blogger which, although based on personal experience and knowledge of the scriptures, can be in error. No one has a corner on the truth but we should all sincerely be in search of it.

Bible Reference: Romans 12:2

One of the common concerns we hear from both parents and students is that they think they are less educated than their public school counterparts. Indeed, an interesting statement, given the fact that most people left the public system because it was not doing a good job! Where do people get this idea from? Perhaps we have so normalized the public system that we use it as our example for training children when we, as Christians, should be using the bible for our directives.

When one thinks about it, secularist have won the day when claiming they know something about education. They erroneously state that they have the authority in education and that they have the standards by which we can measure student achievement. Most parents have attended school and when the community, family, church and government all advance state education as the only true option for the training of children, it is easy to understand why one can actually start believing that the state or church can produce a better product.

But, this creates a dilemma. If what we believe defines our faith, then our believing the state’s claims in education becomes the foundation of our faith in education. What needs to be determined is not whether or not students are meeting with the state’s expectations but whether or not they meet with God’s expectations. This is critical because the outcomes are very different. If we measure our children’s success by God’s standards, they will be prepared for eternity and this world. If, on the other hand, we have our children meet man’s standards, there is but an assumption of success in this world and no preparation for eternity. Where will you go for your “standards and directives”. God, His Word, His directives and guidance or man and his vain promises? It should be an easy choice.

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