God “Cs” All

Part of the series Commanded, Commended or Condemned?
Written by Léo Gaumont, published on 2013-10-14.

How do we know if something is acceptable or not. If measured from a biblical perspective, one can use a simple little formula to arrive at the right conclusion.

Opinions expressed in this blog are those of the blogger which, although based on personal experience and knowledge of the scriptures, can be in error. No one has a corner on the truth but we should all sincerely be in search of it.

Bible Reference: 2 Tim 2:15

How often do we ask ourselves the question, “is this right or is this wrong”? The answer to this question depends on the foundation from which you make your decisions. The way I see it, there are three main categories of foundational premises from which lives are directed. For those who have not considered that God has created them and the world they live in, there is no absolute right or wrong, therefore you can do anything. Truth is, if you have not considered God in any matter then you are not likely to give too much consideration to what is right or wrong aside from what you can get away with respecting government. The second group believes in God and may even have accepted their salvation through Christ but are not that interested in coming to the knowledge of the truth. They do not spend much time in getting to know who God is and what His expectations of us are and largely rely on what others have told them is right or wrong. This group is most likely to develop a strong sense of self-righteousness if they are passionate about doing right without having a good foundation or reason from which this correctness is to be based. The third category is made up of those who desire to have have a biblical perspective in their lives and are active in searching the truth, knowing that they will be judged according to our understanding of what is right or wrong. We must be careful here not to fall into the “what you don’t know won’t hurt you” mentality. Ignorance has never been an excuse for breaking the law! For those who really want to know how God feels about something, there is a simple little “formula” that may be used to discern the will of the Lord concerning any particular matter. If God commands something, or if He commends its doing, we should be convicted of its correctness. Conversely if God has not commanded nor commends or condones it, we can come to the conclusion that to commit it is a crime before Him. We should apply this simple formula whenever the world is trying to advance something as normal or acceptable, knowing that “God Cs All”. To be sure, one must be familiar with the narratives of the Bible to be able to apply this formula. The reason so many Christians have been corrupted into accepting something as right or wrong is because of the general lack of knowledge regarding the teachings of the Bible. As we become more familiar with what is within the pages of this collection of books we will be better able to use this little formula to discern right from wrong and to commit ourselves to act accordingly.

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