December 23, 2015

New Liberal Government to Outlaw Spanking

On Monday the Globe and Mail reported that Justin Trudeau’s new Liberal government plans to repeal Section 43 of the Criminal Code. Section 43 protects the right of parents to spank their children. Repealing section 43 will effectively outlaw spanking in Canada making all corporal punishment of children a crime.


December 3, 2015

Understanding Islam

Islam has become a frequent and pronounced topic in recent years due to current events. These events are not specifically related to home education but affect our entire society. However, many home educators will undoubtedly be thinking about Islam and how it should be viewed. For a proper Christian understanding of Islam, Education Unlimited strongly recommends that families consult Volume 5 of Ted Byfield’s Christian History series, The Sword of Islam. This book is available from some libraries and can also be purchased at: The Sword of Islam. That web page also provides a free, downloadable sample chapter in PDF that is itself well worth reading.